Junior Problem Solver

The 2017 Junior Problem Solving Competition will be held on Thursday, 26th January.

The winners of each regional competition will be invited to participate in an all-Ireland final on Saturday 11th March, 2017 in Portlaoise Education Centre.

Teams of at most four students who are in either Junior Cert or TY (maximum of two TY students per team).

The competition consists of six rounds with four questions per round.

Rounds 1 - 4 are of eight minutes duration and rounds 5 and 6 are of ten minutes duration.

Questions are based on distance-time graphs, velocity, acceleration, force, pressure & density, energy (potential and kinetic), units, trigonometry, areas & volumes, solving linear & quadratic equations.

The fees are €20 per team for the 1st and 2nd teams and €10 for the third team.

Poster (including contact details)

Entry Form 2017

2016 Questions and Answers

Sample Questions

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